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Providing a complete range of Social Media Management and Marketing Services, including Content Management and Ads Management.

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Content Management

Sale more, reach more people and increase user engagement on your social media profiles!

When it comes to content management in social media marketing, the most crucial aspect is to be able to generate content that emotionally resonates with the clients, so they can be inspired and participate in your social media campaigns.

The content that provides value, entertainment, education and connection can indeed contribute towards the growth of your business. For instance, posts and brief videos on topics such as the following can significantly enhance your reach and engagement;

- General awareness. For example: what is one the small thing/activity we can do today to make a positive impact on our lives and other around us?

- Following trends. Posting trending memes and messages/posts to expand the reach and establish a connection with the audience. The memes that can enhance the energy level of the audience can be used.

- User testimonials. For example, posting brief fun videos of clients who have used your services/products and sharing their messages/experiences.

Consistency also plays a key role in advertising on social media platforms. The best way to proceed is to generate content in batches (such as 5-10 posts and 1 video in a week) and add a weekly schedule of the content using scheduling tools such as Buffer etc. And of course, paid ads on different platforms can also do wonders for your business, given the published content delivers value to the targeted audience.

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What does the service include?

  • Creating high-quality and entertaining content for your company’s social media pages, such as testimonial videos and posts.
  • Automating/scheduling all social media posts to establish consistency.
  • Adding product/service demos, benefits and social proof/testimonials of your services or products on all digital platforms (continually updated).

Facebook Ads Management

Sale more and reach more people with our custom Ad Management Services!

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads and Tiktok Ads are being used throughout the world by marketers and organizations. Whether your goal is to sale more products, get more customers for your services or enhance the brand awareness of your company, social media ads can do it all!

With 10+ years of experience in the eCommerce industry, our expert digital marketers know how to make an online business work and generate profits. Our services include quiz funnel development, landing page developments, product testing, split testing and heat maps to scale your ads!

What does the service include?

  • Establishing the name of your brand. This includes developing a quality website and all its related pages with search engine optimized content. The design of the website is customized as per the industry/user requirements.
  • Optimising the landing page (the funnel) of your website and creating perfect offers (or service) with order bumps and upsells.

Note: All the necessary parameters of a perfect landing page such as; catchy headlines, attention, promise, call of action, benefits, pain points, social proof, scarcity, guarantees sections are included in this service. 

  • Initiating Facebook ads testing with various combinations of ad creatives, hooks, copies and video ads etc. And finally optimising the winner Ads copy.
  • Scaling the winner ads. Increasing ads spent to increase return on investment based on reliable data.
  • Developing High-quality Ads and videos on a consistent basis.
  • Initiate Email Marketing.
  • Initiate Influencer Marketing.
  • Initiate Search Engine Optimisation – Ranking your website on search engines.
  • Adding new methods of marketing such as contest funnels to capture email and phone numbers.
  • Establishing your brand as an expert. OmniPresence!

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